We simplify data intelligence to help companies
that operate in hyper-competitive markets make better decisions.


DATA: We find meaning and value in data. We make data work for our clients.

FLEXIBILITY: We adapt our technology and workflow to meet the needs and the reality of each client.

RESULTS: We create opportunities for our clients by helping them drive what is happening on their markets.

SIMPLICITY: We transform complexity into simple and accessible solutions.

Plyzer has built and deployed an outstandingly dynamic and robust mobile comparative real-time service pricing engine, enabled across any wide-market digital marketplace or platform.

For the end user, Plyzer has developed machine learning driven technology for the purpose of price comparison. Integrating a custom-built blend of geo-location, artificial intelligence, machine learning and proprietary algorithms, Plyzer delivers to its users the lowest guaranteed pricing, ensuring complete and immediate satisfaction of every online product purchase.

Plyzer has launched www.plyzer.com, targeting the Spanish online pharmacy marketplace and www.ca.plyzer.com, targeting Canada’s market.

Meeting the
challenges of data

Plyzer has offices in Toronto and Barcelona. Our talented and committed teams are working to identify niche markets, in which our own technology can be applied and help you to achieve significantly increased profits.

Our motivation: changing the way consumers and businesses purchase and sell products, making the process smarter.

Meet our team!


From Barcelona with DATA

Plyzer was incorporated in Nevada (USA). Its head office is in Toronto, Canada, and development, marketing and sales branches are in Barcelona.

Why Barcelona? Because of the booming tech sector, the proximity to European markets, the talented labor pool, and the excellent universities (IESE, ESADE, UPC, etc.)

and the weather, of course!

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