The dashboard

An integrated solution for omnichannel decision making.

A unique, personalized and easy-to-use control panel. Access any detail from any website where your products and your competitor’s products are sold, and visualize your data using your own filters.

Four areas of action


Boost sales using Plyzer Intelligence, every day.

  • Monitor price trends and detect competitors’ movements by product, region, period and price rank.
  • Filter by region and discover in what areas you could be selling more.
  • Receive notifications on price changes and analyze price evolutions for each period.
  • Receive a notification when a store stops offering your product.
  • Receive notifications when a competitor launches a new product online.
  • Obtain weighted and absolute indicators of presence in e-commerce sites for each product.

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Benefit from micro and macro data to analyze the presence of your products online. Improve your strategy and minimize losses.

  • Monitor the visibility of your products online and analyze the effects of your advertising campaigns by product and time period.
  • Detect direct and indirect competitors and observe their online presence.
  • Control your brand and homogenize your product descriptions and images on online stores.
  • Detect minimum advertised price (MAP) deviations.
  • Obtain both macro and micro brand reports to prepare your next advertising campaign.

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In e-commerce, brands are exposed to different kinds of infringements. With our powerful technology, you will be able to detect and document non-compliant distributors.

  • Audit sales of products in unauthorized websites (parallel exports).
  • Control non-compliant descriptions and images of your products.
  • Collect screenshots to document cases.

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General Management

Obtain a single source of data for business intelligence, sales, marketing, and legal teams with an easy-to-navigate dashboard.

  • Export all data in the format that you need to feed your strategic dashboards, CRM and other company systems.
  • Report and integrate quantitative and qualitative KPIs periodically.
  • Understand your brand’s trends, categories and competitors through advanced and personalized reports.
  • Access any detail from any website where your products and your competitors’ products are sold.
  • Manage users and permits at any time.
  • Integrate data directly into your system with an API.

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